Institutional Pharmacy

General Information
Prescription Specialties provides specialized services to customers that reside in assisted-living facilities and long-term care facilities. Some of these services include medication unit dose packaging, monthly billing service, delivery service and pharmaceutical care monitoring. We also provide facilities with medication administration records, staff education and pharmacy consultant services.

Types of Therapies
The long-term care division of Prescription Specialties is a full-service pharmacy that can provide any medications available on the prescription market. In addition to providing full prescription services, we also provide non-prescription medications, medical supplies, diabetic supplies, and nutritional supplements.

Quality Assurance
Prescription Specialties has a continuous quality improvement program in place to ensure that all patients receive high quality products and services.

Prescription Specialties provides free delivery service to long-term care facility residents. The deliveries are made by our own friendly and compassionate delivery staff. We want to ensure our patient’s are provided with a quality continuity of care. In case of emergencies, delivery service is available 24 hours a day.

Long-term care residents have special needs that not all pharmacies can fulfill. Prescription Specialties long-term care division meets these needs be providing specialized long-term care pharmacy services, excellent customer service, 24 hour on-call pharmacist availability, and compassionate care.